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The Wedding Party 1 Is Pure Shit ! (Part 1) - YouTube.MP4

20 Oct 2018

Before I begin,let's make something clear, this is not me trying to hate on anything with no logical proof,I find that sad and you won't find anything like that on my channel. I feel feel one way to fail as a critic is to say something is completely good without giving any reason why. Knowing many people love this movie on a religious level,and seeing the tittle of this video, a lot of people wouldn't wait to see what i have to say about the movie and will flood the comment section with insults (which i will welcome with open arms !!!). Many will try to save the movie by saying "well, it's just comedy", but when a movie's saving grace is "it's just comedy" ,that movie really needs help !. Plus when a comedy movie based on realism wants you to take it as a gag comedy at anytime it feel's like it,it becomes retarded and narratively broken .
And to the people that would want to sound smart and say "go and make your own", please they should give me the same budget which was given to people that made this movie.
So,shall we begin ?

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