How To Verify Your Account

Follow The Steps Below

Getting your Uizbox account verified is a Must Step, especially if you want to earn from your channel.


These are the steps to get your Uzibox account verified:

1. Prepare your account to get verified

Uzibox recommends you to setup your account before requesting the blue badge, and this is what you must do in order to get it:

  • Your Uzibox avatar must be a real photo or the logo of your brand.
  • Fill in all sections of the profie page.
  • Add the link of your social accounts.
  • Upload videos.
  • Add a bio describing clearly the purpose of your channel.


2. Gather the information that Uzibox will request to verify your account

Uzibox will request some information before verifying your account.

  • A reason for why your account should be verified.
  • Documentation to prove your identity such as a driver’s license or passport.
  • This section is optional to us.

You can include your documents in the submission form by taking a photo of your documents or scanning them to upload them.

3. Fill out the verification Form

Fill in the verification section

  • Username
  • Email
  • An explanation of why your account should be verified in 500 characters maximum.
  • Personal Documents

Some recommendations to successfully fill out the verification form:

  • All the text should be original, avoid copy-pasting it from other places as it is going to be verified.
  • Make sure your photo is clear.
  • The document that you provide to prove your identity should be easy to verify.
  • You must demonstrate that you have a good reason to be verified and that you have a career to support your submission, which you can confirm with mentions in the media, articles, etc.

Once you have completed the form, a summary of your submission will appear on the screen. Finally, you will receive a confirmation message saying that your application is under review. You will receive their final decision on your email after one weeks. They will approve or reject the verification of your account after reviewing all the information submitted.

If for whatever reason the verification of your account is rejected, you can always try again. Before doing so, make sure your account is properly optimized and meets all the requirements


Starting Today for all New and Unverified Users

-Full Verification of account now costs NGN1000
-Full Verified accounts have unlimited bandwidth when uploading.

- Users with unverified accounts cannot earn from there videos.

-Duplicate Videos will no longer be allowed on Uzibox (Any video Uploaded by sumone else on uzibox wont be reallowed).

-Uzibox Charges 30percent of all total payouts.

-You Only Start Earning after Verification, Any Thing before that is Nulled

-Minimum withdrawal balance is still NGN500

-Register as an Uzibox Pro
-Your videos will be shared in alot of social media platforms.
-You get a free 5 days channel promotion on uzibox via in-videos banners or video ads
- You get the any New Uzibox merch(shirts,jugs,pens,customized headsets and many more) once its available.
-Your videos get featured on our featured list regularly.
-We charge 15% of Pro Users Payouts
-Pro Users recieve Bonuses on payouts when they have unique videos.
-Only Pro Users Get featured on our social media pages as channels of the week or Month
-Only Pro users will be featured on our adcampaigns

Monthly Cost of being a Pro User : NGN3,500

More updates will be Listed on the Uzibox Article Page


Acme Sam
Acme Sam 1 year ago
For how long does it take
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Oluwadamilola Akinayo
Oluwadamilola Akinayo 2 years ago
Good post and thanks for the update. It would help to know where we
the newbie creators would be paying the money to what bank or through what payment platform which isn't stated. Thanks for response in advance.
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Uziboxgeek 2 years ago

check your uzibox dm

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