Being A Uzibox Pro User

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What it Entails To be registered as an Uzibox pro User

Register as an Uzibox Pro

  • Your videos will be shared in alot of social media platforms.-You get a free 5 days channel promotion on uzibox via in-videos banners or video ads
  • You get the any New Uzibox merch(shirts, jugs, pens, customized headsets and many more) once its available.
  • Your videos get featured on our featured list regularly.
  • We charge 15% of Pro Users Payouts
  • Pro Users recieve Bonuses on payouts when they have unique videos.
  • Only Pro Users Get featured on our social media pages as channels of the week or Month
  • Only Pro users will be featured on our adcampaigns
  • Channel Gets Monthly 3000 Naira Advert Credit to Promote There Channel

Monthly Cost of being a Pro User : NGN3,500

Wisdom Harrison
Wisdom Harrison 6 months ago
how do i apply
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